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PRO DRILL has always been a leader, setting the standard in drilling.

We constantly strive at every level to innovate and improve everything we do. It’s a key component of our culture. We invest heavily in the best people, equipment, systems and technology.

That’s why we run our business on Magnetize - a fully integrated, cloud-based, paperless job management system, that is designed to be simple and attractive.

Powered up Drilling, Job Scheduling & Live Geo Reporting - Built by drillers for drillers

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Magnetize future proofs our business and ensures we deliver the highest quality results for our people, and for our clients. Magnetize centralises everything into one easy system, enabling us to streamline our job management tasks: quoting, scheduling, invoicing, customer data, health & safety files, logs, reporting - it’s all there in just a few clicks. It’s meant we can ditch the endless paperwork, and focus on the real work.

With Magnetize, we’ve transformed how and when we operate. The cloud-based software is accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time, which means everyone in our team has complete visibility, wherever they are working from. Going cloud-based has been a game-changer.

To complement our digital strategy, PRO DRILL is also ISO certified. ISO certification gives us the most stringent quality management system, aligned with the ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure consistent management and monitoring of our achievements across key performance areas of customer service, quality, cost, Health & Safety and, most importantly, our effect on the environment.

ISO Certification NZP1053CA ISO Certification NZP1053EN ISO Certification NZP1053HS
Best on Earth

For further information check out   www.magnetize.co.nz

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In 1987 PRO DRILL was founded on this mantra and it still drives us today. Having a can do attitude, being the best we can be in every situation and working hard creates success for our clients, Pro-Drill and its people.

Quality People

At the heart of PRO DRILL is our people. We can have the best Management Systems and Equipment in the Industry however none of this would matter without the fantastic team that drive these systems and equipment.


328 years

combined experience