A World Class Quality Management Plan.

Hurry Slowly™

The Health and Safety of our staff, customers and community as well as the preservation of the Environment of which we work is our number one priority. PRO-DRILL has taken the lead in establishing Industry Health and Safety benchmarks. So much so that 23 years ago we branded our HURRY SLOWLY philosophy into the company culture.
In short HURRY SLOWLY is about getting the job done efficiently but safely.

PRO-DRILL is proud to lead the Industry in Health and Safety we have the most legislatively up to date and accurate Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety policies and systems in place. These policies are integrated into our management systems and managed through our Telarc SAI Q Base management system which is a drilling Industry standard.

We invest heavily in the Health and Safety of our team and a practical and positive attitude to Health and Safety is an important part of the PRO-DRILL culture.

The company policy is to have no accidents; this is a key management objective. We have a zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol in the workplace. PRODRILL complies and aims to exceed with all applicable laws and regulations relating to occupational Health and Safety. We continually review all aspects of its operations to enhance Health and Safety Standards over and above its legal requirements.

We realize these policies must be practical and relevant. All QHSE documentation has been created on proven International and Australian drilling industry standards. Our clients many of who are International companies have audited and signed off on our policies.

Our processes are audited at a working level on a daily basis and where possible improved by the PRO-DRILL team. In addition to this we have regular audits by external qualified consultants. We are independently audited by Telarc SAI Q Base. Over the last ten years we have passed every Q Base audit.

As an addition to Health and Safety we take the impact on the environment very seriously and it is branded in our company with the statement Best on Earth. Environmental assessments are part of our Hazard Identification process. Our Operations Manager Graeme Sherwin has 32 years of experience in drilling and this experience is a key factor in the identification, management, mitigation and elimination of Health and Safety and Environmental risks.
PRO – Drill invests heavily in its management systems and is the only New Zealand Drilling company complying with a Drilling Industry Standard Telarc Q Base management and Quality system. We are audited by Telarc on an annual basis and have passed every independent audit since adopting this process.

We invest heavily in Health and Safety training and attend relevant conferences along with Industry specific Health and Safety courses as part of our annual training. All of our staff including Supervisors will have to be inducted onto the job if they have not already been.All of PRO-DRILL’s staff (Drillers, Drillers Assistants and Management) have achieved Site Safe accreditation and are qualified first aiders. 

For Further Information or a copy of our Health and Safety policy please Contact Us.