Our Credentials

At PRO-DRILL we believe in making a difference. For the last 23 years we have been driven by a simple vision:

To be New Zealand’s leading provider of Specialist Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Services.

We achieve this through;

  • The expertise and dedication of our people and
  • Our commitment to excellence delivered through our “Best on Earth” Aspiration.

This Vision and old fashioned values centered on Trust based relationships drive our company.

What is Best on Earth?

Our corporate aspiration Best on Earth™ perfectly encapsulates our desire to be the best in everything we do. It also encompasses the company’s commitment to have a minimum impact on our working and natural environment and have the most comprehensive and practical Health and safety procedures in the Industry. For the last 23 years our Health and Safety drive is headed by the statement Hurry Slowly™ and is ingrained in the PRO-DRILL Culture.

The PRO-DRILL Brand has remained faithful to these founding ideals which have ensured that it has become recognized not only as an Industry leader in its niche as a Specialist Geotechnical and Environmental Driller, but also one of the largest privately owned and most experienced drilling companies operating in New Zealand and the Pacific.
PRO-DRILL is Proudly Proactive and New Zealand owned and operated; we live and work in an environment that treasures its staff and customers, promotes family values and concentrates on the perfection of each job we do.

To us the most satisfying thing and the biggest endorsement of our service is the trusting relationship’s we have with our valued customers, both old and new many of whom have been dealing with Russell and Plank (Graeme Sherwin) for 40 years and using PRO-DRILL as their specialist drilling company for over 23 years.

For us PRO-DRILL is the real thing: an outstanding example of a privately owned company that refuses to compromise on a quality service or the way it conducts its business.

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